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Owner: Jeffrey H. Lewis
52 Chipmunk Lane
Tijeras New Mexico 87059

Display Graphics Design Consulting and Training Services

Since 1987

Printed Circuit Board Layout Supporting Orcad, Allegro and Altium Designer

  • Supporting Allegro, Orcad PCB Layout and Altium Designer.
  • Orcad Layout and Orcad Library File Translation to Allegro and Orcad PCB Designer
  • Expertise with Thru-hole, SMD, BGA/uBGA , Chip on Board Technology, and NASA/JPL flight PCB layout.

    Services Include:
  • PCB layout, Schematic Design Review and Prototyping
  • Hardware De-bugging
  • Test fixture design and manufacture

  • Electro-Optics Design Consulting Services

    Expertise in CCD and photodiode system designs using diffractive, dichroic, holographic and/or linear variable spectral filters. Specializing in Electro-Optics for biophysical applications including electrophoresis. Photochemical fluoresence real time analytical instrumentation. Camera designs as well as optical data acquision

  • Electronics Design Consulting Services

    Design and manufacture of data acquisition systems. Including temperature measurement systems. Experience with thermistors, RTD, thermocouple, Strain Gauge Pressure Transducers, band gap reference and many other sensor technologies.

  • Prototype and Manufacturing Services

    More than 30 years experience in quick turn low cost Microprocessor and PLD based test fixture design. Display Graphics will do schematic entry, board layout and debug prototype. Performed PCB layout and flight assembly for the Context camera currently in orbit around Mars.(www.msss.com)

    ORCAD authorized ORCAD instruction. Let Display Graphics train your staff to do in house board layout.
    52 Chipmunk Lane
    Tijeras New Mexico 87059
    For more information, E-Mail requests or design files for quotation to either of these email addresses:    jhlewis@disp-graphics.com OR     displaygraphics@gmail.com

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